The empowerment of a broker

The base to enlist a cooperation is to sign a Brokerage agreement, a civil-legal agreement that defines the obligations, competences and responsibilities of the parties concerning the service the broker provides. The second document is the Power of Attorney granted to the broker in order to perform and represent the Client’s interests on the insurance market, professional and legal.

Brokerage audit

Step one is to listen to the Client to determine their actual needs and expectations concerning the insurance and the brokerage support

Step two is to conduct a complex analysis based on the existing insurance program, the claims process, paid and unpaid compensations including events not covered by the insurance, plans and perspectives of company’s development and legal changes in the company’s surroundings.

Step three is to create a recommendation concluding the audit that covers, among other things, indications on the actual needs of the transfer of residual risks, the reason of conducting evaluation audits of chosen risks by discipline experts and valuation of property in the replacement value.

Insurance program

Based on the brokerage audit, technical audit, the evaluation of risk, property valuation and legal analysis we construct and present a project of a complex insurance program. We concentrate on the actual and important values for the company, supporting the process of management and transfer of residual risks.

The insurance program is a base for conducting negotiations of conditions for future contracts and insurance policies with insurance companies on behalf of the Client.

The goals of establishing a insurance program are:

  • to suggest areas for undertaking independent actions to the Client that help eliminate or limit negative events leading to claims.
  • to determine and implement plans for prevention activities including potential co-funding from insurance companies,
  • to present residual risks to the transfer to insurance companies, including risk appetite
  • to elaborate a slip — an inquiry
Brokerage slip

A document in which a broker, on behalf of the Client, reports a need towards insurance companies for insurance and determines the main elements of security expected from the Client such as: the subject, range and quota of the insurance; the secured localizations, special conditions and additional provisions; the deductibles representing eg. the risk appetite of the Client, the method of reporting and adjusting claims; the need to support engineers in field of evaluation of risk and property valuation etc.

The brokerage slip can be, depending on the type:

  • the initial offer slip, focused on obtaining market offers for further negotiations
  • the final slip, aka full slip, that meets the requirements of the insurance companies, i.e. the insurance application form,
  • the resume slip, one of the two previous types that allows You to resume an agreement/policy on the same conditions within eg. a long-term contract with the clause of automatic renewal for the next period of insurance
Negotiation process

Based on the slip submitted to the insurance companies, we arrange and conduct a process of placing the insurance program on the national market, as well as external ones just in case. Thanks to this we optimize the security range and the costs of the insurance.

The process of negotiating conditions of the insurance is conducted by the broker independently on behalf of the Client, informing Them about the result in a form of a conclusion or recommendation.

Still, the Client’s participation in the negotiation is a market standard, in order to raise the rank and transparency of the negotiations including the possibility of deciding on important matters on the spot.

  • The negotiation process can proceed as in the schedule below:
  • Submitting the slip to the insurance companies
  • Presenting the offer by the insurance companies
  • The first verification and interpretation of received offers by the broker and the insurance companies
  • Initial conclusion of received offers by the broker
  • Initial negotiations with the insurance companies in the head office and with the participation of the Client
  • The final negotiation and selecting offer in the Client’s head office
  • The Client’s written decision on selecting an offer
  • Presenting and verification of policies/agreements by the broker and the Client’s legal department
  • Signing the policies/agreements by the Client

We conduct this process with the use of the authorized system of multilingual interactive PDF questionnaires that optimize the process of gathering data.

The whole process is fully transparent in both received offers and the costs of the insurance, as the set of offers is presented to the Client.

Implementing the insurance program

We ensure professional and extensive support of effectively implementing negotiated insurance programs with the use of:

  • Dedicated IT solutions
  • Establishing procedures of reporting and adjusting claims
  • Conducting courses for the Client’s staff
  • Presentation of programs or selected risks for the management or administration
  • Launching additional services, including those with the help of discipline experts and lawyers
Policy service

Upon implementing the insurance program we provide full service based on an authorized IT system that supports employees through access to current statistical data on concluded policies, dates and costs of required contributions or installment of contributions of the insurance, the dates of resumption of and additional insurances, and the digitalized source documents. We provide complete and documented history of applied insurance.

Claim adjusting

We actively superintend the whole process of reporting and adjusting claims using our authorized IT solutions, including an application questionnaire dedicated to our Client.

We verify claim documentation and calculation of compensations, and monitor the punctuality of claim reports and adjusting.

The whole process is supported by our team of adjusters and, when needed, disciple experts and lawyers.

Our dedicated IT system allows generating reminders, alerts, reports and statistics of risks, as well as on-line access to digitalized source documents.


Our standard brokerage service salary is paid by the insurance company as part of the so-called brokerage fee — a commission on the Client’s insurance premium.

Taking into consideration that the fee influences the final cost of the insurance, its amount can be overt as well as negotiated upon.

Additional service

We are open and ready to offer a wider spectrum of services than the standard brokerage one, including additional services like:

  • With the help of disciple experts and lawyers
  • Implementing dedicated organizational and procedural solutions
  • Elaborating and implementing dedicated IT solutions connected with the insurance and claim adjusting service