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About us

Majkowski Brokers Sp. z.o.o. has the insurance broker license no. 427/98 from 14.08.1998 and the reinsurance broker license no. 52/R/13 from 10.03.2013.

Our experience in the field of broadly defined consulting and brokerage service dates back to the resurgence of the commercial insurance market in Poland in 1990/91.

This period was characterized by gaining knowledge, competence and experience by the team in serving such industrial branches as: the food industry, construction industry, machine industry, footwear industry, pharmaceutical industry, aircraft industry, ceramic industry, plastics industry, shipbuilding industry, woodwork industry, health industry, medical industry and chemical industry. We still care that our competence will match the dynamic changes on the market and the growing needs and expectations of our Clients.

We were the precursors in terms of creating one of the first price comparison websites and premium calculators for many industrial insurers in Poland (the beginning of 1996), and also the first professional descriptions and categorizations of industrial risks for buildings and constructions, and machines and equipments, included in the risk assessment sheets of 1996.

We belong to the few brokerage firms that cooperate and manage the Capital Group’s risk as its in house broker. We eagerly share our knowledge and support this type of projects based on full transparency of the activities undertaken in behalf of the Client and the remuneration received for them from insurance companies.

Now we are precursors in the use of the system of interactive PDF documents in service for companies, including capital groups. They are a modern form of documents that improve the quantity and quality of data collection and managing in communication with the stakeholders participating in the process of managing and transferring credit risk. Developed with the help of discipline experts, insurance experts, practitioners, law offices and brokers.

By taking care of the quality of data of the transferred  risks that we deliver to the insurers, we secure our Client’s deal in case of crisis connected with pursuing claims from events covered by the insurance and for the time of changing economic conditions on the insurance market, the so-called soft market — that wants the premiums, and the hard market — controlled by fear and high premiums.

However, it is important to always remember that managing and transferring risk is connected with the fact that:

In modern industry, there is a specific paradox – a breakdown of a low-quality machine can cause a breakdown or catastrophe of great sizes. In such context a problem of great results that were a consequence of a small cause become a complex and difficult evaluation element of the company.  

“What you don’t know [is] far more relevant than what you do know” based on the idea in Nassim Nicholas Taleb “Black Swan”.

We are looking forward to Your cooperation

Ireneusz Majkowski

Since 1991 we have provided out Clients with unique solutions in the field of innovation and counseling directed at achieving business goals through conscious risk management and transferring only the residual risk.

Our team

Head office – Starogard Gdański:

Ireneusz Majkowski

Chairman of the Board, Partner, Insurance and Reinsurance Broker
+48 607 607 061

Lucyna Jakubus

Proxy, Partner, Insurance Broker
+ 48 607 607 674

Mariusz Zabrocki

Insurance Broker
+48 609 571 658

Mirosław Kuzimski

Broker permission
+48 607 693 793

Wojciech Merchel

Broker permission, Head of Department of Claim Adjusting
+48 667 707 887

Anna Wojak

Broker permission, Administrative Coordinator
+48 58 563 36 00
+48 697 333 982
Office in Gdynia:

Bogdan Jagielski

Insurance Broker, Partner
+48 601 619 131

Joanna Derwich

Insurance Broker
+48 604 140 980